Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pauline Cafferkey and the NMC

The NMC have the amazing ability to make the GMC, my own regulator, look positively cuddly in comparison.

Yet again we see them go after individuals rather than address the fundamental challenges facing nursing in the UK.

Because it's much easier to say "this nurse is bad" than "nursing, and the NHS, are fighting for survival".

Pauline Cafferkey has been accused of covering up a temperature, on arrival back to Heathrow after treating Ebola patients.

I know I'd be terrified, if I developed a temperature after that.  Denial is a powerful and common, understandable coping mechanism.  How many NMC bosses can honestly say that they would raise their hand, "I have a fever", having just seen what Ms Cafferkey must have seen?