Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cycle parking solutions - Horwood Close

Space for 6 bikes; more if necessary!

As detailed before, our cul-de-sac has totally inadequate parking for bicycles (ie almost none).

In the interim, I have built a parking station on our driveway. It has room for 6 bikes comfortably, and more can pile on if needed. We have been using it constantly for a year now, with no problems. 3 wooden pallets, a claw hammer, a saw and some nails is all that's required.

At first, local drivers didn't know what to make of it - people had grown quite used to parking on our driveway. They would attempt to park as close as possible, making it impossible to get bikes in and out.

Gradually it has been accepted as a fixture. My partner suggested painting it brightly, turning it from a heap of wooden pallets into something in its own right.

Recently I came across the RoadWitch project, and realized this is probably similar to what we have done - reclaiming space from the car. On a smaller scale, of course - and only to turn a single parking space over to multiple bikes.

Perhaps free residential parking spaces elsewhere could be turned over to bike parking like this? Ideally our councils would be the ones to do this, and would identify locations where it's needed most. Sheffield stands would also be a better choice than wooden pallets.

Oxford is fairly fortunate to have good bike parking in the shopping and university parts of town. But residential streets have been neglected so far - on-street parking should accommodate bikes as well as cars.

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