Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Estage agents, and into a flat...

So, my tenancy has begun - I have moved into a flat, for a year at least.

Or, more specifically, I have moved all my things into a new flat. I came home for one more night, to return the car i had borrowed for the move. Today I must cycle in with the final trailer-load of stuff. (two parts practical to one part fun; like a very wet martini).

Our estate-agents, who have responsibility for the flat (as it's a managed property), confirmed my thinking on the estate agent business model yesterday. That is, to turn a profit, an estate agent should do as little as possible while collecting in money. IE, they should use as few staff as possible to run as many properties as possible. This seems to be true.

I'd phoned ahead, asking about my keys, and was told to turn up any time after 12 noon. I left it until 16.00 - and they still were not ready. I think my arrival was what prompted them to get keys organized for me - because i was told that someone had gone, at that moment, to have a set cut. I was to meet said person outside the flat - which I did, after another wait. Perhaps they didn't realize key-cutting is a non-instant process.

That said, the flat itself is excellent. Quirky, with small stairs between the split-level floors. It's laid out not quite all on one level, but with insufficient stairs to call the different bits different floors. Confusing, yes - I have no idea what you'd call such an arrangement, but i like it!

Now, to the bike-and-trailer.

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