Thursday, July 31, 2008

Recipe - modified Ramadan food

This tasty thing came about from:

- my possessing a bag of glutinous black rice, and almost no knowledge regarding its use

- a google search for "glutinous black rice"

- and the subsequent retuning of a Ramadan breakfast recipe I found.


150g glutinous black rice
200ml water
200ml whole milk
1 cardamon, ground
1/2 tub chopped mixed peel
~50g sugar (brown/white to taste)
salt to taste

Soak and rinse rice. Put in pan with water and milk. Bring to boil. Add sugar. Simmer, covered, as gently as possible, for >30mins, stirring occasionally. When thickened, add mixed peel and ground cardamon. Salt to taste. Thicken further until desired consistency is achieved.

This is a long way from the Ramadan recipe (which, among other things, called for a 1:1 relationship of rice to sugar), but it makes a delicious rice pudding with more fibre than most. And, it's purple! (This looks especially cute next to a good coffee).

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