Monday, July 21, 2008

Norwich to Oxford! Camping!

This was fun. A 165 mile trip, spread over 3 days. By bike!

To Norwich, by train, on 13/07/2008. This is an experience in itself; taking a bike on a train is still not an entirely ordinary thing to do, in the UK. Yes, the train companies promise it's fully acceptable, on paper, and to the government ("look, we are green, honest"), but when it comes to actually allowing it... they do, just. But they don't make it easy. One needs to be fairly pushy, and pretty strong.

But, one gets to Norwich, anyway. And there, people live on boats! With campfires, and space for tents - and a relaxed way of life. Perhaps information-poor (no internet), but idyllic, otherwise.

Then, back to Oxford. Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire. Six counties! England changes, when you travel this far. (Fields of spinach become fields of wheat). And, put a ruler on a map, Norwich to Oxford, and you hit Cambridge halfway - so that's what we did. Half a day to get to Mildenhall, camping under a flightpath, another day to Ridgemont (and amazing lunch in Cambridge), then the rest of the way, to MD's home, on Wednesday.

Afterward, we recovered more easily than the bikes did. (Mine had a repair on the Thursday). And with no ill-will towards them!

Idyllic existence is nice, sometimes.

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