Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Queer cycling, or why i like my women's bike...

I'm about 177cm - just short of 5 foot 10, and I ride a girl's bike. Or, as the serious bikey people encourage me to call it, a "stepthrough" frame. My height is exactly average for the population, androgyne, so why do i like this frame?

Turns out, the big difference in a "female-specific" frame (another carefully-worded phrase) is geometry. They're made for "relatively longer legs and shorter torsos". Which describes me!

Hooray for queer bicycling.

And before it's mentioned - no, i don't like it for the wide, squishy "female-specific" saddle. I swapped that for a narrow firm one almost at once. This seems to be a "male-specific" preference, but like many people I can't understand why.

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