Saturday, May 31, 2008

An end

Calm! An end - to exams. For a while. This is undoubtedly a good thing, and i am pleased, but unlike in previous years it didn't sink in immediately. Last Saturday, I walked out of Ewert House exam schools, to meet nice people wishing me well (and bringing garlands and iced cream), but could do not much more than stare straight ahead, bright colours catching my attention. It's taken a week to become functional again. Most of the data in my head has been poured out onto paper, which is a relief.

Recovering I have walked places, cycled, seen my family (and MD's), and seen the steady trickle of people becoming free of Oxford finals. This is great; it's perhaps even better to be present when someone else finishes, than when you do. One is in a state to appreciate the thing, anyhow.

And have had time for all the things that fall to the side during finals; cooking real meals (a different one every time! Not the same thing for 5 days!), staring into space doing nothing, crosswords, human company (plus visitors with news from out of town, always welcome), and even some gaming.

Have been playing Darwinia; it's a really very captivating god game, simple at first and complex as you progress. Today I revelled in finding how to protect the frail little 'Darwinians' of the title; they can be directed in a chosen direction, like lemmings, but once there they mill around, and some get into trouble and die. By setting up directions that loop back on themselves, you can set up an endlessly repeating ring of marching creatures, to keep them safe. Like an airport holding pattern.

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