Monday, May 5, 2008

Adsense - not on the same, restrictive linear space-time continuum as the rest of us...

So, the sponsored links at the top of my inbox tell me - yes, me, a person who's never lived in London, nor written or received even one email about their election - about this site:

Mayoral Elections 2008 - - Wondering Who To Vote For In The Next Elections? Your Answer Is Here

Today, they tell me. Perhaps, if i'm a Londoner, I should just drop in on last Thursday?

If so, Ken's site is very encouraging; it seems time is permanently stuck at 21.29, May 1st 2008. Half an hour's voting left! Better get there soon - or not, seeing as time's no longer our problem.

Nice to see Adsense is getting paid, anyway.

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